Friday, 25 March 2016

Two nights in the Howgills

So with the days getting a little longer,we decided to meet at Sedbergh at 6 pm on Friday,with traffic it was 6-30pm before we set off for our first camp ..

 As a very special treat i took some bacon for breakfast on the first morning and yes Oscar got some too.Sadly the video of camp was too dark when i played it back

 Ive added these pics to show the A frame ive been playing with,it does add 110g but is a very solid set up,ive tried a few and never been happy that they would be solid enough in big winds,i am with this one

 The room it gives is just huge,camp was just off the summit of Winder,over looking the village

 The day started with a grey cloud base but it was above us,but a cold windchill -7c hounded us till about 3 pm an hour before we returned from our large circuit of the grassy hills

So for the second night we decided to camp on the summit of The Calf  

The mountain laurel design shelters enjoyed the evening sunset,which turned into quite a good one 

This trip also let me try a new meal,from Basecamp foods.I bought a range of flavours of the Bla band ones to try and i have to say it was very very good,cant wait to try the others

 Sunday morning started misty but by time id had a 2nd brew the mist had moved off,but we didnt get a sunrise but from leaving camp at 6 c by the time we had walked only a little way back the sun came out,it was 15c by the time we headed down into Sedbergh.

Id asked about where does a good brecky and some friends recomended Smatts Duo 

This place was recomended to by Geoff and Christie,what can i say fantastic food,localy sourced and very well priced too...ohh and free wi-fi....well worth a visit,wont be our last visit here

The link below will take you to my Social hiking map and gpx file

                 Heres a video i did of the trip,thanks for watching

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Sawyer filters and a discount for all to use !

Something (other than the brilliant products) that I like about Sawyer Europe is the AID work that they do. They have many projects all over the world that provide filters to communities where people were actually dying every day from water borne infections. Their filters reduce the mortality rate to zero! Every purchase of a sawyer filter, or any other product for that matter from one of their approved retailers, provides funds to these fantastic projects. To help with this, I have been given a discount code that will not only donate to this cause, but will also give the buyer a 10% discount at checkout!

Make your purchase at, and then at checkout, enter MUNRO16 and you will instantly receive a 10% discount, whilst also contributing to a lifesaving project.

Typical projects can be seen here

Monday, 21 March 2016

Freeze dried meals

 So over the last 10 yrs ive moved over to the "Freeze dried meals" some have been so vile ive gone hungry,but they have got better as the years have gone on,with some being really very good

 Ive dealt with a few different firms over the years,being northern haggling or just asking for a deal,is just the norm.On a trip a few weeks back with Ste,he gave me a Bla Band meal to try and it was fantastic so much so i decided to get some more to try

 James at Basecamp foods came up trumps and had lots of different flavour Bla Band meals to try,so this wknd i took one along for my tea.Another good thing with this make is no measuring of water you just pour boiling water in upto the correct mark inside

The thing i liked instantly about the Bla Band meals as they have sorted out the "messy fingers" problem.With most meals the pouch are tall so getting the last bits out involves you having to use a long spoon.But Bla Band just solved this real easy....they just turned the pack on its side...hey presto so much easier

So tonights meal was as the pack says Indian chicken stew,so pour water in good stir,make sure to get all corners,then shut it up and wait 10 mins.Some use cosys to keep the food piping hot,i just put it in my down hat or inside my jacket

This one looked appetising and hydrated really well.It was extremely tasty too,once id started it was hard to stop,just what you want after a hard days walk.Ill do a quick review of the rest of the meals as i use them up over the coming months
I have a new favorite freeze dried meal brand !

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Langdales on a perfect winters days

                    An early start Lee and Oscar heading up the Band

                                         And not a soul around


                         The climbers Traverse was a bit full of snow

 The Gully further on had Avalanche evidence at bottom,so we came up the side of the Great slab instead

                                           Scafells looking Regal

                 The weather man said -5c windchill -10c  hmmm !

This is for a group of people trying to help get the word out there that  Cumbria is still open,after the floods... Twitter @notjustlakes

                                                 A stunning day to be out

I got sent some of these to try,mighty tasty will see how they fare over next few months,from Uneaq outdoor

Heres a video its a bit long on the,Climbers traverse bit,due to the fact my old laptop is struggling to process the clips  and keeps crashing :( 
But its only 14 mins get a brew and some biscuits 

                           Thanks for looking hope you enjoyed it