Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Duomid mini mod 2

So this is a work in progress mod,as i need to try it in the snow first..Last nite was first its been dry this week so i shot into the garden as soon as i got home and got the Duomid up...then it started raining !!

 So a good friend who walked across Scotland with me was kind enough to knock me these 3 Cuben tabs up for me,ta Matt Holland

So the other item i used was this foil blanket that i bought two years ago off Ultralight outdoors and its lasted really well,very tough and worth the money 

 The last item was 3 S clips that i think i took off an old SL3 floor that i cut into a smaller size many years ago


So nothing posh just stuck on the three Cuben loops two on the door and one onto the 2nd door ? .. the idea being that once im in just fasten these 3 hooks up then push my pack and boots (This is only a winter item) and that should,i hope stop the spindrift.
     On all the other sides i just push snow up and over the edge,but i cant do that on the door,can be done from the inside but then i have to redo it late at night when i let Oscar out for his last wee before the bed 

 The weights ok,bit higher as the foil already has some Gaffa tape and bits of tube on it,from when i had it as a tub floor for Oscar and the tape wont come off,impressed how well it has stuck 

So thats it not much but think it will work ..

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Duomid mini mod

So ive been using the Cuben Duomid just over 12 mths now and have been very impressed,but have lapsed back a few times to my trailstar..   
Recently had a few very windy and snowy nites and had a bit of spindrift come in.Now some has come under the door and i have a winter mod to do yet on that,next wk with some luck .But this quick fix mod is around the roof vent ..i found that the velcro on mine didnt match up enough to hold it shut when windy
          I had a very helpful friend ,Matt Holland,stitch me some velcro on some cuben tape.

Vent as standard

I had two pieces of cuben tape with velcro sewn on

So i took two pieces and stuck them either side of the middle and below the existing velcro strip

You can see the two pieces above

While on this picture the other mod i copied off Robin over on Blogpacking light is to make a guy from inside the roof cone down to the door guy.I used 4" of 1/4" bungy at the top then just 2mm cord and a line lock.I think it really helps and even more so when you,on occasion open up both doors 

 Pic below shows the guy line better,here used with an A-frame set up

                 As the above and below show it closes up nicely now


So never had to use this guy line and ive used it now in some 50 + gusts but i keep it in my very nice Treadlite XL peg bag,for just in case nights 

 The other mod im hoping to do next week and is just trying make an inside snow skirt for the door half of the shelter,the ever helpful Matt has posted me some cuben  stick on loops,will add on here when ive done it.....

Birthday wknd wild camp,Langdales

 So with more snow that had fallen through the week another wild camp was plotted throught the week,this time Alex  decided to use up some browny points and walk with me and Lee

For a while you could almost believe we were going to get one full day of blue skies and snowy vistas

Our route took us up the Band to Three tarns the snow in places Knee deep

The views as always on a good winters day,were very good if hazy in the distance

The steep pull up to Bowfell was testing Alex,who hadnt been on the hill for a while,but he dug deep and pushed himself upwards

His Lord Oscar trying to look aloof

Scafells looking wintery

     Apart form us and our gear the day was in complete monochrome 

Shortly after leaving Ore gap the snow came on and was too stay till very early the next morning

The plan had been to camp on Great End col,but with no view and lowering clag,we decided to change plan and camp on the Rosset pike ridge line

         The MLD Duomid proved itself an excellent light weight winter             shelter once again

Gruesome threesome

          Alex and his Trailstar decided to try and turn into an igloo !    
                           You can see this better on the video

                    Dawn comes from the Langdales valley

            The mighty Saddle Back caught the early rays,very nicely

Even on the way over too the top of Stakes pass the snow was still thigh deep in places you can see it on the video better

The Langdales valley was like a winter wonderland as i slid the auld Audi out and back to Skelwith where we had left the other two cars

Heres a video i did of the trip,no great sunset or rise but does show some of the snow depth we had in the Lakes

Link to the route we took

Hope you all liked it,hopefully normal weather will return and i can get sunsets ans rises maybe even some night shots again ...ttfn