Sunday, 27 September 2015

Fairfield horseshoe,with a wild camp on Great Rigg summit

Due to Sons away game with Basketball i only had a little time to squeeze in a quick camp...leaving at 3-30pm Saturday and back to car for 11-30 am Sunday ....


I only did a short vid and took a few pics...Anti-clockwise from the church and just in time to camp,just ! before the sunset  16c down too 7c   sunday much the same

Just messing about with some night shots   

Duomid post-sunset

Fairfield nite shot 


What a shame we cant all watch every day start like this

Guard dog at dawn camp 

Bit blurry,soz

The pics below are just off my phone 


Growing older  :(

First brew of the day

Ambelside about 7-15 am 

That Lee Taylor mountain companion

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Day 5 and 6 off our Knoydart trip

 So after a bit of a breezy nite we woke to a cooler morning and a distant weak sunset.The wind would be with us for the next two days now,but the cun came out again !! and the views were still distant......


Most of the next days peaks in this pic

Our camp spot was ontop of this lovely peak,Sgurr na Ciche just peaking behind

Sgurr Mor on the left

 Todays wind was a bit fresh near constant 20 with some gusts up around 40 mph

Our last camp spot is on the shoulder of the last peak ,Giarich

Sgurr Mor,what a great shaped mountain

The red roof of Kinbreak bothy,far below

Giarich summit behind camp,our windiest constant 25,s and gusts too 45 +  both shelters never moved once pegged down...a very welcome brew and tea

Birdseye view of Duomid

Now we normally get our shelter mods from Robin,but this ones MINE !! The velcro works great at holding your socks out in the wind to dry ...

 The last day and you just knew a change was in the weather,but some how it held to make it six stunning days back to back

Last day,we camped just were the sun is touching the shoulder

Cant see it but had a bit of a spectre again,and fittingly on our last peak of the trip,Giariach summit at 8 am

The Ben looking big,as always

First bit of tarmac in six days ...great trip,great company

Taken from the road on our walk back to the car,which was only for 3 miles before we snagged a lift

Horses at Loch Hourn road end 

Yes,it is chewing a bone !!

So after a shower and tea,our last nite was in a lodge at Tyndrum,the weather has changed ....... thanks all for travels Peter